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Millennium Tints provides premier window tinting throughout Las Vegas, Nevada. Anyone living here knows, being in the heart of the desert can be extremely hot during the summer, and window tinting is an absolute must! However, most people only think of window tinting for  their automobile. Window tinting is also a great idea for  your home. Window tinting not only takes away the glare from  the sun while watching tv with your family, or helps lower the lighting slightly for  those who work in the gaming industry and sometimes work odd hours, it also protects everything inside the home. Yes INSIDE the home! The window tinting cuts out the majority of UV rays from  the sun, so it does not harm your blinds, your carpets, your furniture, even your children and pets! It actually preserves the life of the carpets and blinds. Have you ever seen beautiful custom blinds burned and actually permanently damaged by the Las Vegas, Nevada sun? It happens more often than not and could leave you purchasing custom blinds every year or so. Why not save on your custom blind investment and add window tinting to your home? Your blinds, carpets and furniture will not run the risk of getting bleached out from  the sun from  merely having your blinds open. The investment to have window tinting professionally installed on your home or office windows will by far be less expensive than replacing blinds, carpet and furniture over time.

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Not to mention LOWERING your utility bill! That’s correct. Window tinting when professionally installed, actually makes your home more energy efficient, whether keeping it cooler in the summer (and we all know how hot the Las Vegas, Nevada summers are!) or keeping your home warmer in the winter when the nights in the desert get really cold. Millennium Tints in Las Vegas, Nevada is the premier window tinting company to answer any questions, help you make decisions on what fits right for  your home, your budget and for  professional install.