Our Mission

Our Mission at Millennium Tints is Simple: to do as we always have done for years, to provide the customer with a high quality, professional installation,to provide our customers with a wide variety of professional window tint services with in our industries. We also do not provide a service unless we specialize in that service.
The proof is in our work, and that’s were you see how much we care about what it is we do. Its not about how much work we can get done in one day but how many jobs we can get perfect. When you leave our shop, or we leave your home, office, or business you will be a satisfied customer, and that’s why we not only offer a Manufactures Warranty, but a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, which is if you are not completely happy with something we will fix it, no hassles.
We treat every job and every customer the same. because we care about our customers and we want them to know that they matter. We like to say: “Once a customer of Millennium Tints, always a customer of Millennium Tints…”. We won’t say we are the Best in the business,¬†we let our customers say it for us.