About the Owners

Millennium Tints is FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED right here in Las Vegas, Nevada!!

Jim & Veronica own and operate Millennium Tints in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jim having more than 20 years of experience professional window tinting, saw an opportunity to start a business in Las Vegas, Nevada that would help residents and businesses alike. Jim & Veronica are raising their family here in Las Vegas, they also started a charity foundation due to a tragic event in their family not long ago. They believe in bringing valuable services to residents of Las Vegas, Nevada, charity work benefitting the community and thriving as a family.

the owners of Millenium TintsVeronica runs the entire Millennium Tints office in Las Vegas, Nevada. She does everything from paperwork, to payroll to meeting with EVERY customer. Whether you’re bringing your vehicle in or want window tinting for your home or office, Veronica meets with you personally. This eliminates any corporate hassle and you deal directly with the owners face to face with any question or needs. The customer service you will receive is above and beyond anything you’ll find anywhere else; they deliver an expert experience directly to you!

Call Millennium Tints now!! 702 505 7256

2520 E Sunset Rd #7, Las Vegas, Nevada 89120