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A Window Tinting Service Provider Explains How They Differ

Window tinting service is in high demand these days. Window tinting is used on cars, homes and office buildings. It protects from the carcinogenic UV rays of the sun and the heat in sunlight, thus ensuring a healthier and cooler indoor climate.

For automobiles, there are several types of window tint film available on the market. Window tints differ, depending on the amount of polyester they contain. Darker tints contain more polyester. Over time, however, different features have been added to the tint film. This led to the creation of even more types of car window tint films.

Dyed Tint Film. This is a polyester layer and a layer of dye put in the adhesive layer and glued together. Sometimes, the dye layer can be placed into a polyester sheet. Since it doesn’t contain metal, this film makes the windows of you car look very dark. This film is used mainly because of its appearance. It does not protect from heat well. However, it does not interfere with radio signals and reduces glare and fading of interior upholstery.

Hybrid Tint Film. Again, we have a polyester layer with dye. This time, however, there is metal added in the film. Metal increases the film’s ability to stop heat from entering the interior of the car. Hybrid tint films are usually used when customers are not certain what kind of tint they prefer. It is a good product for those who want increased heat reduction, glare reduction, fade and UV protection.

Carbon Film. This is one of the finest looking films on the market. Its color is very dark. With carbon films, you can have the look of dyed films and the performance of hybrid films. Carbon can block 40% of the infra red sun rays. It is very durable and has no metal, which can interfere with radio or satellite signals.

Ceramic Tint Film. Such films are made with the help of nano-ceramic technology. They block twice the amount of heat blocked by dyed or hybrid films. Heat reduction is achieved without darkening the windows.

Crystalline Film. Crystalline window films are not as dark as other films, yet they can block up to 60% of the heat coming through your car windows.

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