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Will using a window tinting service up the value of my property?

Tinting your windows will not only help with heat reduction, it can also help protect your belongings. The likes of your curtains, furniture and flooring can fade over a period of time due to the sun. One of the reasons for this is the ultraviolet light emitted from the rays of the sun.. To keep your valuables looking good, a window film can be applied, helping to filter the ultraviolet light, making a window tinting service a good choice. Many films can now block up to 99% of the sun’s rays.

Ultraviolet light not only fades your furniture, but it can also affect your health. These rays are responsible for sunburns, and in some cases cause cancer. Some window tinting service offers another reason for applying this film, for safety, shatter resistance. The film’s cohesion will hold the glass shards together, and acts like a barrier between the interior and the glass.

Together with the safety aspects, window films can also help to reduce the glare to your television. The percentage of this reduction is due to the visible light transmittance. The less the amount of light coming through the film, the better the glare reduction is inside the house.
Whilst darker film offers more glare reduction and privacy, clearer film gives a more natural view. Darker films offer more reflectivity, and this can be beneficial reflecting the harsh rays from the sun. However, it can lessen the view out of your window during the night, often reflecting the interior of your room.

Using a window tinting service, not only for your home, but for your car and boat is also applicable. When choosing this service, make sure that sub standard materials are not used, as this can lead to peeling and fading.

Window tinting can make your home, or commercial property’s appearance more attractive. Below are the different choices available to you.

  1. Anti graffiti,
  2. Decorative and color window film,
  3. Clear bra – paint protection,
  4. Carbon fiber accents,
  5. Kits,
  6. Brushed metal accents and kits,
  7. Vinyl graphics
  8. And many more

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